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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Q. How much would Sagas franchise cost me?

Ans: Sagas Master Franchise for Auto LPG storage facilities would cost around Rs.260.00 lakhs including working capital,franchise fees,civil works including building,Electrification,Machinery & its installation.

Sagas Unit Franchise for Auto LPG Dispensing facilities would cost around Rs.125.00 Lakhs including working capital,franchise fees,civil works including building,electrification,Machinery & its installation.

Q. How long does it take to open SAGAS franchise?

Ans: After signing the formal franchise agreement,Initial approval from PESO and NOC from local authorities it normally takes 4 months to start the entire operations subject to receipt of funds as per payment schedule.

Q.Do I need license to open SAGAS franchise?

Ans:No. However you need to sign the formal legal agreement with the company.

Q.When can I break even?

Ans:The break even point varies between outlets.It depends on variety of factors such as overheads,operating cost.However the Unique Selling Operations (USO) of this business is faster payback period and the quick break even point due to demand potential for Auto LPG is fast increasing.Fininacial summary is provided once the criteria is met and site is approved for franchise.

Q.Where are you selling SAGAS franchise?

Ans:PAN india approach will be taken with initial phase starting with places as per cluster list.

Q.Do I need to be currently from LPG sector to be accepted as a franchisese?

Ans:Proir experience in the LPG sector or similar business is desirable but not mandatory.Our franchise program is designed in such a manner that it assists a new franchisee in all the areas of operations.

Q.What is the term of franchise agreement?

Ans:The initial agreement is for 6 Years with an option for further renewal.

Q.Do you provide any business support?

Ans:We provide support right from set up phase,designing of the outlet,fixtures,staff recuirtment & training staff for the day to day operations of the retail outlet.

Q.How will advertising be handled?

Ans:Local advertisement will be done by the franchisee and national level advertisement & promotions shall be carried out by the company.

Q.Do you provide support for maintenance of equipments?

Ans:Company will provide maintenance chart for the day to day maintenance of equipments.Comapny will undertake periodic maintenance of equipments as per AMC to be signed by the franchisee.

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